Snydecast panel at Dragoncon!

Snydecast panel at Dragoncon!

@dragoncon officially begins! Be sure to stop by one of our panels on Friday or Sunday nights!

@dragoncon officially begins! Be sure to stop by one of our panels on Friday or Sunday nights!

Dragon Con 2014 Lineup

Headed to Atlanta @DragonCon? We’ve got the full Swim lineup available for you, featuring @danasnyder, @jamesurbaniak, and more!:

Labor Day is coming up this weekend. While that means a weekend of R&R for most people, if you’re headed to the Atlanta, GA area it means only one thing: Dragon Con!

We’ve got the full DC14 sched available on the site, broken up according to your favorite guests, and also by [as]central/fan organized activities.


Check out the full list here. You can also RSVP on our Facebookfor the two Swimcast…

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Out to Lunch



You may be wondering why is directing you to our tumblr account. In a nutshell, there are some technical server issues that are being addressed as we speak. Our server host assures us that the bugs will be kicked out in the near future. 

Until then, check out these awesome places you can go for adult swim-type thingamabobs:

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Toonami Faithful

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The Ken P. D. Snydecast

[AS] Nominations At The 2014 Emmys

[AS] Nominations At The 2014 Emmys

It’s almost time for that show where they talk about how great other shows are! That’s right. It’s Emmy time. And while you’re all busy posting about how Tatiana Maslany was robbed we’d just like to take a moment to congratulate those current and former [AS] and [CN] cast and crew members who actually got a nomination.

Here are the nominees:

    Outstanding Animated Program

FX Networks


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Check Out a Trailer For Your New Favorite Show, Mike Tyson Mysteries

San Diego Comic Con, or Comic Con International, or whatever we’re calling it nowadays is rolling along and some cool stuff is coming out of it.

New Toonami Lineup Starts on July 26

New Toonami Lineup: #CowboyBebop returns on July 26. Plus NEW #BewareTheBatman

Adult Swim favorite, Cowboy Bebop has returned starting this Saturday! Along with Bebop, Beware The Batman and Black Lagoon switch time slots as Beware The Batman starts new episodes never seen on broadcast television. Here is the new schedule starting this week:

7/26 Line Up

Attack on Titan – 11:30p

Bleach – 12:00a

Space Dandy World Premiere – 12:30a

Naruto: Shippuden – 1:00a

One Piece – 1:30a


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Win AUTOGRAPHED Black Dynamite S1

Win Black Dynamite S1 on DVD (AUTOGRAPHED by @MichaelJaiWhite, @iamCarlJones, and Byron Minns

Thanks to the powers-that-be, we’re giving away another awesome DVD!

BlackDynamiteTAS_S1_BLU (1)


Click here to enter to win Black Dynamite: S1 on DVD… AUTOGRAPHED by the cast and crew of the series.

While you’re waiting to see if you’ve won… Check out some clips to whet your appetite:

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Black Dynamite Signing in L.A. Tonight

L.A. peeps: Pick up Black Dynamite S1 on DVD/Blu tonight and meet the cast/crew:

A couple of weeks removed from San Diego Comic-Con and just in time for the DVD/BluRay release of Black Dynamite: Season One (which you can buy today)! Amoeba Music in Hollywood, CA will be having a special Meet and Greet with the cast and creators of the series. Check out the deets:


Michael Jai White, voice of ‘Black Dynamite’, Creator, Producer, Writer (“Arrow”), Carl Jones,Creator,…

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Adult Swim @ San Diego Comic Con 2014: The Full Slate O’ Stuff

Adult Swim @ San Diego Comic Con 2014: The Full Slate O’ Stuff

It’s coming.

The biggest convention of the year every year is a couple of weeks away, and Adult Swim is going to be there with Fun Houses and Meatwad domes and prize wheels and a whole load of stuff for you to do. Scrap the rest of your San Diego Comic Con International schedule: Swim’s takin’ over.


Swim’s got a booth each year at SDCC (unlike NYCC, unfortunately– we hope they’ll get…

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