Review: Adventure Time - 601 & 602 - “Wake Up/Escape From The Citadel”

Review: Adventure Time – 601 & 602 – “Wake Up/Escape From The Citadel”


There’s something I want you to do. Seek out the original Adventure Time short, the one that aired on Nickelodeon. The one before any sort of series pickup, or whatever, when the main character was named Pen, and he talked to some sort of celestial Abraham Lincoln at some point. Watch it, and then watch the first two…

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"Beware the Batman" Coming to Toonami in May

This May, #Batman Returns to @toonami.

Since its inception, Toonami hasn’t been shy when it comes to repurposing series from Cartoon Network into its lineup. In the current iteration, we’ve thusfar seen tv returns for Sym-Bionic Titan, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Thundercats (2011), and even Samurai Jack. Coming May 10th, Toonami continues the trend by adding the seemingly doomed Cartoon Network series “Beware the Batman” to its lineup.

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Dark Horse Comics Releasing Venture Bros. Art Book

@darkhorsecomics releasing “The Art of Venture Bros.” in October. @pattonoswalt writing the foreword. #goteamventure

Seems lately comic book companies have embraced properties from Cartoon Network and [adult swim]. We’ve gotten plenty of Adventure Time and Regular Show from KaBoom Studios, IDW has given us Black Dynamite, and now Dark Horse Comics is set to bring us some Venture love this October.


It was mentioned back at San Diego Comic-Con last year, but formally announced yesterday: “The Art of Venture…

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Swim Against Cancer: 4 Years Later

4 years later, @johnjgalbo remembers the first Swim Against Cancer charity marathon.

On this Throwback Thursday as well as 4 years this week, I’d like to take time to reflect upon one of central’s biggest accomplishments thusfar:

I remember it like it was yesterday, I’d been watching an online 24 hour marathon based on Red Nose Day (a.k.a.: Comic Relief in the UK) where US folks got together with celebrities and other silly nonsense to raise money. As with everything that goes on…

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Outkast to Reunite and Perform at Swim Upfronts

@adultswimpr confirms @adultswim Upfront Presentation, May 20th in NYC. Event to include OutKast reunion peformance:

On May 20th, [adult swim] proper will be rolling into our neck of the woods (New York City) for their yearly Upfront Presentation.

If you’re not familiar with the event: The Upfronts are yearly network presentation parties (usually more of an emphasis on the latter) where all the TV and Cable networks head into the city with their talent and invite all press outlets (well, most outlets) to…

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Boondocks Mixtape Released by Swim and Complex

@adultswim and @ComplexMag bring you a new Boondocks Digital Album

It should never be said that Adult Swim is NOT big into music. Between full-length Dethklok albums, all of the Summer Singles Programs (Another is sure to be forthcoming. Can’t wait), Hell.. there’s even an entire album dedicated to Christmas songs, sung by the cast of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Having said that, in time for the Boondocks (Final) Season 4, Swim has produced a digital album titled…

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10 Random Space Ghost Moments to Celebrate His 20th

Celebrate 20 Years of Space Ghost with 10 random clips. #sgc2c #sg20

20 years ago today, Cartoon Network deployed its greatest superhero turned talk show host today. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, here are 10 random moments from the show’s run:

Happy Birthday, Tad!

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Netflix Adds More Swim Content to Its Library

@netflix sprinkles a bit more @adultswim programming on its streaming media

It’s been well over a year since Netflix and Turner partnered up to bring CN and Swim content to streaming media. Since then, many of us have been concerned that no further content would be made available, due to declining ratings. It was even brought up jokingly, in the most recent Swimcast episode… only the first seasons of certain Swim programs were available.

Recently, we learned that Netflix…

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WB Video Announces Black Dynamite Season Two for DVD/BluRay

It’s been pretty quiet as of late in the realm of DVD. However, Warner Home Video has just announced their latest forthcoming title: Black Dynamite Season One.

The set will be available on July 15th for DVD and BluRay. As with the past few sets, it will also include an Ultraviolet copy (for those with Vudu/Flixster apps on smartphones and tablets). Not too many special features, but we’ll let the…

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Eagleheart’s Brett Gelman Getting His Own Special

Eagleheart Star Getting His Own Special

Following the success of specials such as “The Greatest Event in Television History” as well as “Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories,” Swim is set once again to unleash another spectacle of special proportions to the small screen.


Brett Gelman (Eagleheart) will be getting his very own special, April 24th at midnight. Titled “Dinner with Friends with Brett Gelman and Friends” will star Gelman…

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